We offer all the things you’d expect from a Corporate Communications Consultancy: public affairs advice, media and public relations, thought leadership, speech writing, report writing, consultation responses, executive media training and stakeholder management.

Of course we do all that, but we’ve thought carefully about reputation management. What makes and breaks a reputation and how can we build a reputation and preserve it, make it robust and weather proof?

On the shop shelves below there are a number of areas and the outline of a tool at the bottom of the page. This tool is a high level version of the tool we would use to come in and test your reputation management processes. We will use this to look at where you might be weak and where you are strong. You might want to consider hiring us just to test your reputation management. When we have done the analysis on how well you are doing, you might then be in a better place to identify the services you need to buy from us.


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Reputation management and profile development

How strong is your reputation? Are you punching above your weight or will you be sunk in a media storm?

  • Have you got a strong platform built ready to cope with a crisis?
  • Do you know and relate well to the key media influencing your client/stakeholder base?
  • Is your social media strategy cutting through?
  • Thought Leadership
  • Media relations – building goodwill and profile
  • Building a social media strategy that meets your needs

Political and regulatory risk management

Do you know how you are going react/plan to handle the key risks if they crystalize?

  • Have you assessed the reputational/political risks to your organisation?
  • Are you monitoring effectively with the right political intelligence?
  • Political/regulatory risk register
  • Reputational risk register
  • Preparing for difficult news
  • Effective monitoring
  • Political intelligence map
  • Do you need to deal with regulatory/political threats to your business

Stakeholder goodwill

  • Have you mapped out your key stakeholders and why you need them?
  • Do all your key stakeholders know and love you?
  • Are stakeholders ready to back you when you need them?
  • Stakeholder mapping – knowing who they are and what they think of you
  • Stakeholder evaluation survey – what do they say about you on key criteria
  • Stakeholder strategy development –improving stakeholder relationships

Crisis preparation

  • Do you know where your corporate weaknesses could be?
  • Have you got key ammunition ready for hostile fire?
  • Are all the processes in place to avoid panic and ensure no balls are dropped?
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Crisis message development
  • Robust, stress tested processes

Executive readiness

How ready are you senior team for a media storm, regulatory scrutiny or a select committee hearing?

  • Are they all ready to tell a compelling story about your organisation?
  • Are they engaging, enthusiastic, energetic presenters with equally great material?
  • Are they captivating and inspiring speakers who have credibility on their feet?
  • Confident articulation of a coherent and compelling story
  • dynamic presentations
  • Speech writing
  • Are they cool as cucumbers or nervous under enemy fire?

Consistent cut through messages

  • Have you got a unique, impacting brand voice?
  • Developing your tone of voice
  • Assessing your market
  • Building your brand
  • Business objective driven messages
  • Disciplining the organisation to speak with one voice
  • Does your messaging consistently drive forward your strategic objectives?
  • Are your external messages consistent from policy, HR, sales, and the senior team?

You may know exactly how you are performing on all of the indicators of reputation management, or, you may need some analysis on how you are doing so that we can help you understand where you have the greatest need and where you need the most help.To do that we have developed a diagnostic tool to help you.We have identified the key areas where reputation can be made and where it can be ruined. Using this tool we will help you identify how you are performing in each of these areas:

Test Tool

For each of these areas we have devised a number of tests to help understand how you are performing. You could give yourself a quick ‘finger in the wind’ test by asking yourself some of the questions below and working out whether you need to purchase some products in the box.