Brexit Jargon Buster

Like so much of politics there’s so much jargon being chucked around on all this Brexit stuff. As ever, those in the know assume their terms are understood and, as ever they often aren’t. That’s really bad communications. So we’ve decided to produce a Brexit jargon buster to help those outside the Department for Leaving the European Union know what’s going on. Brexit ­             .. Read More

What’s the difference betwween public affairs and PR?

That’s a regular question at dinner parties but also a question which makes it into client meetings and even internal board meetings. After I’d answered it a few times the penny began to drop that this was industry jargon which few people outside professional communications understood. Moreover it began to occur to me that the terminology divide shouldn’t exist at all. There shouldn’t be two different worlds with some invisible.. Read More

Strategy, strategy, strategy

Influencing is not about cash for access anymore. Good lobbying is about three things: strategy, strategy, strategy. When I first said this in a board meeting I had a full-on row the CEO who argued that I should be able to buy access to the Prime Minister. I have found the need to reiterate the ‘no cash for access’ principle on numerous occasions since. In one corporate job I was.. Read More

MPs and Ambassador blame Sharm El Sheikh flight ban for Monarch’s collapse

03 October 2017, For Immediate Release The All Party Parliamentary Group on Egypt and the Egyptian Ambassador to the United Kingdom, released statements today linking Monarch’s collapse and the UK flight ban to Sharm El-Sheikh airport. Both noted that Andrew Swaffield, CEO of Monarch, pointed to the flight ban as one of the ‘root causes’ of Monarch’s collapse. They expressed concerns at the way that the flight ban continues to damage both.. Read More

Realistic horses for courses, Andy Tarrant, Head of Policy and Government Affairs at The People’s Pension

Realistic horses for courses   The answer for a pension provider is pretty straight forward. Engage those members that you can, when you can. Robo-advice makes this potentially much more feasible at a cost effective price. Our members can access LV= pension advice at the low cost of £49 in order to get retirement advice. We are also one of the strong advocates for the pension dashboard. It should be.. Read More

Why hybrid advice is a game changer for pensions – Ben Goss, CEO, Dynamic Planner Distribution Technology

  The future game changer for pensions will be simple, regulated, automated advice as part of a personalised hybrid model, delivered well, through trusted advisers. Why? Firstly because people want and need personal advice and won’t make decisions without it. In 2015, the Citizens Advice Bureau found that more than half (53%) of customers wanted expert help on how to withdraw their savings. Work on financial decision making tells us.. Read More

#Conservative Manifesto – the pensions bits explained

#Conservative Manifesto  – the pensions bits explained Dirk Paterson Here we have a political pragmatist not a fundamentalist.  The Conservative manifesto is sounding robust, responsible to the current environment and forward looking. It’s not afraid to be interventionist (a sentiment which is at odds with traditional economically liberal conservative values).  Bringing together a tough Brexit and mass council house building is broad tent policy making and brilliant political manoeuvring. What.. Read More

#labourmanifesto – the pensions bit and what it means – Dirk Paterson

#labourmanifesto – the pensions chapter   I guess it was all predictable (the bits that hadn’t already been leaked). But, there was a distinct air of retrospection about the chapter on pensions in Labour’s 2017 manifesto.   Here are the key headlines: Triple lock guarantee EU citizens pensions guaranteed Compensation for women who’s pension age has been increased Legislation to protect accrued rights No increase in the state pensions age.. Read More

Millenial behaviours – ignored at our peril – says Andrew Martin, Dunstan Thomas

Behaviours of the ‘digital native’ generation ignored at our peril says Andrew Martin, Chief Innovation Officer, Dunstan Thomas May 15th 2017   Derek Quinnell used to be introduced as the three times British & Irish Lions tourist and Wales International of nearly 10 years standing. All three of his sons have had successful rugby careers, especially his eldest son Scott Quinnell. Scott played number  eight for Wales for seven years.. Read More


ROBO-PENSIONS: THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION   Marc Hommel   Upside down and inside out: turning things on their head for the benefit of improved financial health among ordinary men and women   Because you’re upside down and inside out and you can feel it Inside down and upside out and your can feel it, feel it. Don’t stop, can’t stop, its like a freight train Don’t stop, can’t stop, until you.. Read More